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Madeline Ambery, Ava Armstrong, Emma Armstrong, Kelly Bartoldus, Myles Bonn, Kaliena Bowen, Michael Cowen, Angelica Febles, Simone Flynn, Sophia Foster, Jewel
Ingram, Anjiya Lakhari, Josie Moore, Faith Nelson, Seth Pellow, Jackie Rall, Camryn Smith, Kavita Swaminathan, Lauren Tubbs, Christian Tubbs, Paul Wang, Tim Wang,
Sarah Welden, Kylie Zimmerman
A special thanks to everyone that took part in the project.  
The students are listed as follows:

Vice Presidential Portraits
Joanna Andrews, Janai Brown, Nadia Browning, Isaac
Butcher, Gurb Fofung, Simone Fynn, Mahogany Gipson,
Gabrielle Guadeloupe, Ian Irkhin, Anjiya Lakhani, Ria
Cymone Lynn, Kamille Mayes, Seth Schilling, Kavita
Swaminathan, Lyla Thomson, Foreer Cheeseboro, Shane
Phipps, Amy Dang, Amanda Dang, Emma Walker,
Victoria Mensah Armstrong, Solomon Mensah
Armstrong, Jonathan Thomas, Christion Rollins, Dillan

Presidential Portraits
Mary Grace Auld, Isaac Butcher, Tatum Chester,
Annabelle Curran, Sophia Foster, Michael Frankenberger,
Mary Frankenberger, Autumn Green, Ava Kerpics, Zoe
Kerpics, Skylar Koch, Carson Long, Lucero Mendez,
Solomon Mensah Armstrong, Victoria Armstrong
Mensah, Yasmine Mustifa, Shane Phipps, Elizabeth
Poulnot, Christion Rollins, Sarah Tamakloe, Roger Tarur,
Chirstian Tubbs, Lauren Tubbs, Emma Walker, Mikayla
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Yasmine Mustifa Age 15
"I liked the camp because I learned how to
paintwith watercolor and meet new people."

Gracie Knight Age 9
"I like camp because all of the teachers
are really niceand always find great
activities!  They also make surewe have
something to do.  If you, went you would
want to come back!"

Lydia McDaniel Age 8
"I like this camp because the teachers are
nice and weget to paint and we get donuts
and I am a good artists because of them!"

Jaden Caldwell Age 8
"I like this camp because you draw and
paint all day.  Cobble Creek Summer Camp
is really fun.  I am so gladto be here."

Jordan Caldwell Age 8
"I like this summer camp because you
can do art antart is my favorite subject."

Alexzanah Griffin Age 14
"I love this camp because the leaders
help you. They also give great advise.  
Also the people are very friendly."

Autumn Green Age 10
"I love camp because I love art and the
teachersare so nice and
help me get better."

Paul Matthews Age 9
"I like camp because
I get to do what I like best, art!

"Leonardo's Magic Sketchbook"
Volumes I & II
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Volume 1

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Volume 2
Emma Walker Age 13
"This camp was really
enjoyable; I was able to practice
new forms of artwork, meet new
people, and have fun!  I'll
definitely come back next year."
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2017 Young Artists Summer Workshop

Next year we are planning something new for our summer program.  
Please check back soon to hear the exciting news!
The books
are here!!!
Art Camp 2016 will not be offered this year.  Please
check back next year for a new program for the