Drawing & Painting Instructor/Artist
Adults & Children 12 - 19
Homeschooling for ages 5 - 18

I have instructed drawing and painting for
over 20 years.  
It can excite the soul to know that you are passing on the
traditions and techniques that will live on in those that we

Deborah has studied with James Douglas Adams, Edward
Jonas, Richard Haas, and many other acclaimed master
artists.  She is an award winning portrait painter and was
the 1st Georgia State Goodwill Ambassador for The
Portrait Society of America an international organization
with a
membership of over 3,000 worldwide.

Memberships:  Portrait Society of America - since 2000
Portrait Society of Atlanta - since 1999
Carla Crawmer                                 Text Only  
404-483-77Children's Assistant Instructor/Artist
"Little Leonardo's"

AFA - University of Wyoming
BA - Children's Education

Carla is an award winning scholar, artist and writer trained
in classical, traditional and contemporary practices of Art
from the age of six from various artists, instructors and
professors.  She was graduated Phi Kappa Phi from the
Bachelors of Arts in Education.  She specialized in painting
murals and faux finishing in residential and commercial
settings in both the Atlanta area and Park City, Utah.  
Currently, Carla is directing her talents to landscapes
painting in both the acrylic and oil mediums.
Lora Hill                                                        
Oil, Pastel, and Charcoal Artist
"Little Raphael's" Instructor Ages 5 thru 7

Portrait Artist Lora Hill is a Juried Member and past
President of the Portrait Society of Amercia.  Her work
is held in many public and private collections
throughout the United States.  

"I love the human form and face; they are a constant
source of fascination which invites excitement when
the subject's personality is captured.  As an artist, this
is a grand experience".

Memberships:  Portrait Society of America - 2001
Portrait Society of Atlanta - 2002
Tracey Mitchell
Children's Assistant Instructor/Artist
"Little Leonardo's"  ages 8 - 11 yrs

BFA - Georgia Southern University 2020 graduate

Tracey is a talented artist that has created her own
characters for a children's comic strip that she has
copyrighted, and created a 3 dimensional scupture of the
main character.  Her degree is in animation which she
hopes to pursue.  We are so proud that she has decided
to join us.