"Painting is an evolution...always changing and refining my craft
is very important to me as an artist.  I approach my work with an
interest in bringing life to each piece.  It is a discipline with grace
and forethought that each composition is designed.  The
classical tradition of fine art portraiture requires intense studying
and training, but the journey is always enjoyable.  

Painting the portrait of an individual, one must first understand
the personality or the soul and aspire to create a work of art
worthy of that which will be a lasting tribute to their legacy.  It is
true that portraiture is one of the finest forms of art.  The painter
allows time to stop for one brief moment...and yet the image
remains forever."
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A native of West Virginia, Deborah Ankrom Kepes is a Contemporary Realist trained in the classical traditions of painting and specializing in portraiture.  She studied at the
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, located in Pittsburgh, PA for five years  under the direction of acclaimed painter, James Douglas Adams, Professor of the Fine Arts Department,
University of Washington in St. Louis, MO.  Deborah's work has been selected as a finalist for exhibition through many juried selection competitions   Her work is held in private and
corporate collections throughout the United States.  

For many years Deborah has volunteered her services to
The Portrait Society of Atlanta* and The Portrait Society of America**in several positions, both are non-profits and promote
the  education of fine art portraiture.   Her service in both organizations has been an enriching creative process bringing with it a continual education in the techniques and practices
of fine art portraiture.  She has served the state membership of The Portrait Society of America as the first
Georgia Goodwill Ambassador from 2004 - 2008.  Deborah was honored
as one of four recipients of the  2007 Art Marketing Consultation Scholarships presented by the
Cecilia Beaux Forum created to strengthen the role of women artists by providing
programs and resources to enhance the quality, as well as, the publics knowledge and appreciation of their work.  Through this program she had the honor of working with Mr.
Calvin Goodman each month consecutively throughout the year to build her marketing knowledge and profile.  Also through this program she had the honor of working with Edward
Jonas mentoring her on the technical aspects of her work.  In September of 2008, she was selected as a finalist in the Portrait Brokers of America, Inc., portfolio competition.  

Deborah instructs painting privately and through workshop opportunities throughout the country.  She began her teaching experience in 1996, at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts,  
located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Through the years she has instructed many areas of study, some of which are Mural Design & Application, Perspective Drawing, Still Life, Landscape,  
Portraiture and Figurative Painting.  

Cobble Creek Studios Art Academy is located in Snellville, Georgia was opened in 2010 by Deborah in an effort to give local artists a venue in which to share their knowledge with
students eager to learn the principles of fine art drawing and painting.  CCS is an atelier offering group and private instruction to both children and adults. The classes are created to
train the student in strong drawing skills by studying from the masters, receiving a comprehensive color theory class and studying from life.  Workshop opportunities have been
offered in Georgia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.   Demonstrations are scheduled several times a year  at public and private venues nationally.  

 Painting has always been a passion in her life, however her love of friends and family nourishes her soul.   She enjoys cooking and reading with a particular interest in art history.   
Deborah and her husband, Mark have raised two sons and currently live in the Metro Atlanta area.    

*The Portrait Society of Atlanta, Oldest Portrait Society in America founded in 1979.  

**The Portrait Society of America, International Organization founded in 1998 with over 3,000 members worldwide.   www.portraitsociety.org

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