The Three Graces
Sauce on Canson Paper
Graduates of CCS Art Academy
Kyle Wilkins is a graduate of Shiloh High School that attended CCS Academy for 1
1/2 years as he created his portfolio for acceptance in the
Savannah College of Art
and Design.  

Currently he is attending SCAD as an Interactive Design Major.  He has been gracious
enough to come back to CCS as a guest to discuss his experience with this highly
acclaimed college.  It is important to note that he received two scholarship totaling
$10.000 from SCAD.  

Please contact Kyle to discuss educational opportunities and options with him.
Here is an example of the work Kyle is producing at SCAD.  
Please click on the link below.

If you would like to speak Kyle Wilkins you may contact him via email at
We are pleased to acknowledge students that have gone on to further their art education.  It is important to note that as they
pursue their education and their career, we ask the students to return to CCS to give current high school students the
opportunity to ask questions of them regarding their experiences in college.  

The following students have attended CCS Academy for several years  prior to attending the art school of their choice.  The
images below is art work created at our atelier.
"Looking through the Glass"
Oil on Canvas
Kyle Wilkins
Age 20
Savannah College of Art & Design
Click Image To
Anna Schoenbaechler
Age 22
UGA Lamar Dodd Art School
Kennedy Panchoo
Age 20
Westwood College
Kennedy Panchoo is a graduate of Shiloh High School and attended Cobble Creek
Studios Art Academy for two years prior to graduation.  She currently attends
College with an interest in pursuing Graphic Design.

She is currently interning at CCS Art Academy volunteering her time as she assist instructors
in the classroom.