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Adult drawing and painting classes are taught by Deborah Kepes, classical realist artist, and consist of perfecting the students  drawing skills as they develop strong use of
line.  We then begin to work on a strong indication of light and shadow.  They are also able to work in all mediums including Sauce (a russian medium similar to clay that is
rolled into a stick and can be used with water to paint fine details.

We begin immediately working from life by using still life as studies to understand perspective, placement and proportion. Then it's important to understand the Value
Scale working in a 1 to 9 value scale and how to use it to perfect a knowledge of depth and form.   Next, we move to understanding Color Theory and process of mixing

When the student is comfortable to move on, we then discuss techniques of painting and the rules that apply.

Adult students attend private classes with the instructor and the appointment will be set to meet both the student and instructors schedule.
Connie Coultrane
Oil on Panel
Classes taught through Skype. no matter
where you are located.  Contact me and I will
tell you how you can improve your work through
online classes.
Diana Holcombe, Artist
Smithfield, Ohio
Oil on Canvas
Lynda Breault
Oil on Canvas
30" x 18"

Matthew Coker
Oil on Canvas
24" x 18"
Carole and Marc Townsend enjoy drawing class on Date Night!
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ADULT - Drawing & Painting/Oil       $250.00/month    2 hours         Instructor:  Mrs. Deborah Ankrom Kepes       
Private Instruction by Appointment Only