Student Gallery
Drawing and Painting
"Special Needs Program"  Ages 7 - 19
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A Quote from the Instructor:

As the instructor of Cobble Creek’s Special Needs program, I’ve met so many creative and
bright people of all ages who wish to explore their artistic side. For so many, society tells
them they aren’t capable of creative arts, but I have seen what optimism and opportunity
can bring out in my students. With my guidance and suggestions, combined with their
personal interests, we strive to give each student a personalized artistic experience, giving
them the opportunity to build skills and create their own works of art.

I find a quiet atmosphere and personal attention helps students to focus on the act of
creation, which allows them to find a space of inspiration within themselves. I’ve found
my students develop a sense of confidence and accomplishment through the work they
produce, and it is truly a joy to be a part of their achievement.  ~Elise Longnecker