If photos are provided, as in a posthumous portrait, it is necessary for the artist to know as much about the
individual as is possible.  A conversation with a person that may have known the individual that is to be
painted, can help the artist to conveying their personality.
Within the time line of painting the portrait, the artist may ask for an additional live sitting.  This enables the artist to reaffirm her decisions and
add more life to the portrait.  This can be scheduled either at the artist's studio or at the client's predetermined location.
Finally, photographs of the portrait can be sent to the client for final approval.  The portrait shall be delivered to the client in the manner in which
was agreed upon.  
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Prior to beginning the portrait, the artist prefers to paint a small study which  gives the client an opportunity
to know approximately what the painting will look like upon completion.  Most often there is a lot of
planning that goes into each work of art.  An interesting composition and correct color scheme can require
significant time to resolve. Once the painting has been approved by the client, the portrait begins in the
artist studio. Most paintings, depending on size and composition, may require six to eight months to
complete.  However in a more complex background, it may require more than two years.  The artist
schedule is also a factor in determining the completion date and that can all be discussed at the time the
contract is signed.
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During the initial visit, Deborah will take time to get to know the personality of the client in an informal setting,.  At this time she will note the
purpose of why the portrait is being commissioned and ask several questions regarding the details of the portrait.  Possible poses, wardrobe,
and location are only a few of the many decisions that need to be discussed.  A contract is created and signed at this initial appointment and a
deposit is due at that time.

An appointment may then be set for the photo session which will take approximately two hours.   A color study
from life will also be created at this session if agreeable to the client.  The color study gives the artist the opportunityto obtain more information
that the photos don't necessarily provide.

After narrowing the selection of the many photographs, together with the client, they agree on the final image.  
This  will give the artist the reference material necessary in which to create the painting.  
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