Tuition is paid one month in advance to hold your reservation and a supply list is necessary for most classes.  There is a $25 Registration Fee.

AGES 7 + through Adult     SPECIAL NEEDS    $35/1 hour       $70.00/2 hours          Instructor:  Deborah Kepes
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Instructing children that have special needs requires a kind heart and a gentle ability to work with the child's natural ability.  Elise's subtle approach to art
instruction will bring out the very best in your child.  She will strive to bring a smile to the students face in discovering their inner artist.

AGES 7 - 14   Homeschool Art Program           $155 /Month       3 hours/week          Instructor:  Deborah Kepes

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Parents that are looking for a homeschool  art classes,  we have just what you have been looking for.  Elise has a passion for teaching art and a joy working with
children to discover the artists within them.  She will begin teaching progressive art classes that bring together art history, technique, and terminology in a fun
and exciting way.

Homeschool private instruction is available in your home by appointment.  The instructor will work with your child to enrich their creativity while educating
them on the principles of drawing and painting.  These classes are available within a 15 mile radius of our location.

AGES 5 - 7   “Little Raphael’s”  (Drawing & Painting)        $100/Month   1.5 hours      Instructor:  Lora Hill        CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE  
Assistant Instructor:  Simran Rai
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The children’s classes ages 5 -7 are taught by Mrs. Lora Hill, she has been trained in the classical method of drawing & painting and she is a Juried Member of the
Portrait Society of Atlanta and served as President for two years.  Originally from Alabama, Lora’s skills and demeanor are an asset to CCS.

AGES 8 - 11    “Little Leonardo’s”  (Multi-Media)        $125 pr. Month     2 Hours              Instructor:  Deborah Kepes      Assistant Instructor: Joanna Andrews
Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard & Discover                                                                                                                                                                                                       Anthony Benjamin
Children’s classes ages 8 – 11 are taught by Elise Longnecker, professional artist. Carla Crawmer, who has her BFA in Fine Art and in Children's Education, assists
Ms. Elise.   The classes are small, no more than 12 in a class, and the concentration is on Technique, Application, Terminology, and Art History.  

AGE 12 - 19    Precision Classical Drawing & Painting (Oil and Pastel)         $155.00/Month    3 hours          Instructor:  Deborah Kepes   
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The classes are taught in a progressive way that will lead the student from something as simple as drawing a ball prospectively, to finding the exact perspective and
proporation of an object.  Each week the class will build upon the lesson from the week before.  You will proceed at your own pace.  After several weeks of drawing you
will then begin to understand color theory and how to use it in a way that will give you depth in your work.  It is our objective to couple Technique and Application
with Art History and the artists of today to give the student a well rounded experience in an Art Education.  High school students will study from the live model

ADULT PRIVATE CLASSES   Drawing and Painting (Oil and Pastel)          $255.00/Month          2 hours      Instructor:  Deborah Kepes          
Accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master card & Discover card

Students are taught the classical method of drawing and painting and progress at their own pace.  Studying from life through the observation of still life, landscape,
and figure drawing gives the student a strong understanding prior to copying from the masters as well as creating their own work.
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Ages 12 – 19
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Ages 12  – 14
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Ages 7 -14
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