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Drawing and Watercolor Painting
Adult Gallery

John Duke is an award winning watercolor artist and will take the student through the process of drawing, concentrating on composition, with a focus on perspective,  He will then
begin with a discussion on color theory and values to show students how to create works that are 3 dimensional.  He will also discuss what watercolors and brushes he prefers.

"Thru the years of creating in different mediums, I now work primarily in Watercolors. I like to start with light pale colors, building up layers to achieve more depth and a brightness
that is realistic, yet in a painterly fashion.  I love that the translucent colors seem to have a spirit of their own, bringing the artwork to life.  My hopes are that others will want and
enjoy the peaceful harmony of these paintings as much as I enjoy creating them."  ~John Duke
John Duke discusses the
PF Martins Watercolors and the
technique he uses to create vibrant
John's attends class each Tuesday
morning for two hours.  
PF Martin Watercolors
Wednesday morning from 10 - 12,
Sonni begins a landscape perspective and
color theory as they work through the
Watercolor Classes with John R. Duke