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Drawing and Painting
"Little Leonardo's" Ages 8 - 11
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"Little Leonardo's" Ages 8 - 11 (Drawing & Painting)   $125/month  
Session 2 hours

Instructor: Tracey Mitchell    Assistant: Kara Gladden

The Little Leonardo's Art Class for ages 8 – 10
are taught by Tracey Mitchell,
she holds a Bachelors degree in Art focasing on Animation.  She attended CCSAA prior to
college and studied fine art under Deborah Kepes for 3 years.   She will strive to give your
child a unique and valuable experience in the technique and practices of Art.  

Kara Gladden has been studying art at CCSAA for the five years and currently attends
classes with Deborah Kepes.

The concentration is on Technique, Application, Terminology, and Art History. The
classes are small, with no more than 12 in a class.  However, currently, due to COVID-19
there are 6 in a class.
In this class, children ages 8-11 will learn about influential artists and artwork
from both the past and present. This will include the life of the artist, different art
periods such as Impressionism or The Renaissance, and their cultural significance.
Along with art history, students will further develop their drawing and painting
skills that they gained from their previous class. ~ Ms. Tracey Mitchell