Student Gallery
Drawing and Painting
for Teens 15 - 19
Josue Munoz, Age 17
Bust, Graphite on Canson Paper
Homeschooled & Gwinnett Tech
Ria Cy'mone
Lynn, Age 18
Bust, Graphite on
Canson Paper
Kamille Mayes, Age 15
Still Life, Graphite on
Canson Paper
Amy Dang, Age 16
"The Seasons", Oil on Canvas
Brookwood High School
Katelyn Hubbard, Age 16
Still Life, Graphite on Canson Paper
Stephenson HS
Kaylah Stapleton, Age 17
Still Life, Graphite on Canson Paper
Stephenson High School
Jacob Taylor, Age 16
Bust Graphite on Canson Paper
Brookwood HS
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Tracey Mitchell, Age 18
Still Life, Graphite on Canson Paper
Georgia Gwinnett College
Yasmine Mustifa, Age 15
"Goldfish", Oil on Canvas
In Progress
DeKalb School of the Arts

    It is important that as CCS students that have graduated from high
    school and go on to college, return to CCS Art Academy to speak with
    students that would appreciate learning from their experiences with the
    institution of their choice.  The following individuals have returned and we
    thank them for their participation.  Please follow the link below to view
    their art work.

Kyle Wilkins       Savannah College of Art and Design

Anna Schoenbachler       University of Georgia

Kennedy Panchoo       Westwood College
Kaylee Boyd, Age 16
1st Year Student
"Bust" Graphite on Canson Paper
Teens 15 - 22   Drawing & Painting/Oil       $150.00/month    3 hours         Instructor:  Mrs. Deborah Ankrom Kepes       
Thursday evening 5:30 - 8:30 or Saturday afternoon 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Hannah Britt, Age 15
"Sunset"  Oil on Canvas
Brookwood HS
Amanda Dang, Age 12
Graphite on Canson Paper
Measuring the Still Life
Five Forks MS
Alaina Franklin, Age 17
Measuring the Still Life
Graphite on Canson Paper
Sydney Jackson, Age 16
Measuring the Still Life
Graphite on Canvas
Students begin focusing on the rules of drawing, i.e. perspective, placement and proportion.  Drawing from sculpture continues for six months to a year
depending on their progress. During this time they are learning several drawing methods and drawing mediums.   

Once they have gained good drawing skills they proceed to Color Theory and color mixing.  Students will be working in artists oil paint.  In addition to the
technical application of drawing and painting, the students study art history and attend the High Museum of Art and the Georgia Museum of Art exhibitions
two to three times a year.