Elise Longnecker's Portfolio
"Internally Oz"
"House of the Rising Sun"
"Evening Setting"
"Morning Rising"
"Keeper of the Rays"
"Eight Ball"
"Warmth of the Sea"
"Paradise Above and Below"
Elise Longnecker is our full time children's instructor for the 8
- 11 class and is a self taught artist with 6 years of experience in
children's education.  Illustration has appealed to her from the
beginning, however Elise has the ability to stretch her creative
ability to fine art as well.  She has a particular interest in art history
and art appreciation.  These attributes are why she is an excellent

Her gentle personality gives her the ability to relate to children and
yet she finds it easy to maintain the control the room.  She enjoys the
illustration of Manga and Anime which children are currently
interested in creating.
"The Watcher"
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