"Little Leonardo's" Age 8 - 11
Supply Lists
Drawing and Painting
sturdy container. If you purchase another brand of pencils make sure you also have a
case to organize and protect the supplies.

Michael's carries the "Artists Loft" set that is similar, but make sure you get both
hard and soft leads and not just Charcoal.    
*** Please be sure to get a pencil holder for your child's supplies.  

1)  Derwitt Graphite Soft pencils 9B -H

2)  One Strathmore 9" x 12" Sketch Pad

3)  Calina J. Madison Fine Craft Brushes

4)  Soho Urban Artist Acrylic 24 color set 21 ml. tubes.

5) Set of Prismacolor Premier ( not student grade) colored pencils & prismacolor
blenders (This is optional for most students)


Smock, Child's Apron or old T-Shirt
A gallon size zip lock back to keep students supplies together at the studio.
Bag to transport supplies
A sturdy portfolio to hold your work for a history of your progress
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